June 13, 2023

Address Validation in Salesforce

Are you tired of dealing with address errors and incomplete data in your Salesforce system? We’ve got the solution for you! Address validation in Salesforce is the key to ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your addresses, and Cloudingo is here to help you achieve that effortlessly.

What is address validation in Salesforce?

Address validation is the process of verifying the accuracy, completeness, and deliverability of physical addresses entered into Salesforce. By utilizing third-party address validation solutions like Cloudingo, Salesforce integrates seamlessly with reference databases and algorithms to validate addresses against standard postal formats. This not only corrects any inaccuracies but also provides additional details such as ZIP codes, city, state, and country information.

What are the benefits of address validation in Salesforce?

There are many benefits to using address validation in Salesforce, including:

Improved data quality

By validating addresses, you can minimize errors caused by typos, missing information, or incorrect formatting, ensuring that only accurate address data is captured.

Reduce mistakes

Avoid delays and validation errors in mailings, shipments, or other physical communications. Validating addresses against postal standards guarantees that your messages reach the intended recipients without any hiccups.

Easier to target specific locations with marketing

With accurate addresses, you can precisely target specific locations with your marketing campaigns. This results in higher response rates, improved ROI, and a happier marketing team!

Improved customer experience

Providing accurate addresses enables you to deliver communications on time and in the correct format, thereby ensuring a top-notch customer experience..

More accurate analytics & reporting

Validated address data provides a reliable foundation for generating accurate reports, analytics, and geographical visualizations within Salesforce. Segment and refine your audience using geographic, demographic, and political parameters

Cost savings

Address validation helps eliminate expenses associated with undeliverable mail, returned shipments, and wasted resources caused by incorrect addresses. It’s a win-win for your bottom line.

Streamline workflows

Declutter your CRM and support your professional image with consistent, uniform data. Avoid cumbersome data corrections. Validate standard or custom objects with ease, so your team is never stuck on an error message when running address validation.

What are my options for address validation?

Now that we’ve covered the benefits, let’s explore your options for the address validation process in Salesforce:

  1. Salesforce built-in address validation: Salesforce provides a built-in address validation feature. It’s a convenient option for organizations with lower volumes of address data or those not requiring extensive accuracy or updates.
  2. Third-party address verification services: Numerous third-party address verification services are available for Salesforce. These services leverage a wider range of data sources, making them highly accurate and suitable for organizations with high volumes of address data or a need for precision.
  3. Custom address validation scripts: For those seeking ultimate control and accuracy, custom address validation scripts can be created. These scripts utilize various data sources to verify addresses in Salesforce records. They require more development effort but offer unparalleled accuracy for organizations with specific needs.

Cloudingo can help with your address validation in Salesforce

Cloudingo is a leading provider of address validation and data quality solutions for Salesforce. Our service can help you to:

Validate and standardize addresses

Cloudingo uses the USPS database to validate domestic addresses and standardize them according to the USPS format. This process ensures cleaner data and helps identify duplicates when matching on address fields. Cloudingo currently does not support international addresses.

Fill in missing info

Cloudingo can correct misspellings and populate missing data with 45 metadata points, like city, state, or ZIP code.

Get exact locations

Cloudingo can pinpoint exact locations for instances where there are variances in address data.

Ready to revolutionize your address validation in Salesforce? Visit our website or contact us here to discover how Cloudingo can elevate your data quality game.

What’s to gain with high quality data?

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