Data Deduplication

Don’t let dirty data hold you back.

Quickly find, merge, and eliminate duplicates in Salesforce and Marketo.

Drag and drop your way to clean data

Flexible matching criteria lets you tailor cleansing jobs to accommodate your unique and complex dataset.

Automate as much (or as little) of the cleansing process while maintaining full control of the final outcome.

A user-friendly interface that’s simple on the surface, but loaded with powerful data cleaning capabilities.

Monitor the state of your data from the dashboard. See how many dupes are in your org and when cleanup was last done.

dedupe Salesforce

Easily catch dupes buried deep within Salesforce and Marketo

Create filters, set the criteria, and sit back. Tell Cloudingo which records to look through, which fields to match on, and watch as Cloudingo hunts down dupes lurking in your org.

  • Dedupe standard and custom objects using any combination of fields.
  • Choose from 10+ matching styles from exact to fuzzy matching to identify which records are duplicates of each other.

  • Use advanced algorithms to catch hard to find dupes, like Robert vs. Bob, and ACME Inc. vs. ACME Co.

Full control, because data cleansing isn’t one-size fits all

Your data is unique and Cloudingo accommodates that. Create rules to tell Cloudingo how records should be merged, which record is the “survivor”, and which field values trump all others.

  • Merge dupes into a single record. Various options give you flexibility to designate a master record that fits your needs.

  • Add granularity by deciding which field values carry over to the master, such as the highest or a prioritized value.
  • Take data cleansing a step further by standardizing fields, like text and phone formatting.

duplicate management
Merge duplicate records in Salesforce

Merge and convert dupes however you’d like, in less time

No more clicking and screen-hopping. With Cloudingo, you have the option to merge duplicate records in multiple ways, from manual to fully automated.

  • Save hours of work by having Cloudingo automatically merge duplicates according to customizable rules.
  • Merge records in mass with a click of a button.
  • When more forethought is needed, manually merge dupes. Pick and choose field values, make text changes, and more.

Merge duplicate records in real-time

Ensure clean data around the clock. Merge duplicate records as soon as they hit Salesforce or Marketo based on user-defined rules. Say goodbye to manual merging!

“Our Salesforce instance had lots of duplicates; some Accounts had over 40! A quick sweep with Cloudingo resolved the issue. It’s the only tool I’ve found that does what it does.”

Brian Mendenhall, Sales Ops Director at Proficio

Experience the easiest way to clean your data

Divide and conquer with team members

Customize access and permission sets for anyone on your team without sacrificing the security and control you need.

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Insights that give you certainty

Data cleansing can be a bit intimidating. Downloadable reports let you see results before and after merging, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Pre-merge reports
Before merges take place, see specific field values, Salesforce IDs, and which records will merge into the master. Perfect for the early stages of data cleansing or when approval is needed from your team or stakeholders.

Post-merge reports
Once merged, see which records were merged, which was the master, Salesforce IDs, and other field values.

Need expert help?

Sometimes data cleansing is better left in the hands of experts. We can help.

The only data cleansing app that comes with peace of mind

Cloudingo gives you the ability to unmerge duplicate Salesforce records that were previously merged in Cloudingo and return them to their original state – something that isn’t possible with any other tool.

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Block duplicates and keep data in sync

No matter where your data comes from, Cloudingo can keep systems clean and eliminate the need to manually sync datasets to Salesforce.

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Get clarity. Say goodbye to messy and confusing Salesforce data.

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