Data Analytics and Reporting

A single view into the quality of your Salesforce and Marketo data.

Monitor your progress and stay on top of problems impacting data quality.

Get insights into the health of your data with data quality dashboards

Diagnose the root cause of data quality problems by detecting where the biggest problems lie.

Have peace of mind and confidence that record changes, like merges, align with your goals before any actions take place.

Monitor the state of your data from the dashboard. See how many dupes are in your org and when cleanup was last done.

A user-friendly interface that’s simple on the surface, but loaded with powerful data cleaning capabilities.

Eliminate guesswork. Understand your data better than ever.

Keep tabs on your data quality so you can identify trouble areas and stay ahead of dirty data.

  • Analyze your data quality with 10+ insights and reports.
  • Out-of-the-box and customizable reports and dashboards allow you to share data quality metrics with executives, or dig into more granular metrics.
  • Schedule reports to automatically email team members to keep everyone in the loop.

Manage your Salesforce and Marketo instance like a pro with real-time stats

Cloudingo’s data quality dashboards and reports give you up-to-date statistics of the health of your data, including how many duplicates exist in Salesforce and Marketo at any given moment.

  • A built-in activity stream automatically logs each record’s status and history, notifying you of any errors.
  • Whether you’re hands off, an everyday user, or somewhere in between, get alerts and monitor what Cloudingo does, like automation jobs.

  • Track and audit user activity when multiple users are enabled.

Insights that give you certainty

Data cleansing can be a bit intimidating. Downloadable reports let you see results before and after merging, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Pre-merge reports
Before merges take place, see specific field values, Salesforce IDs, and which records will merge into the master. Perfect for the early stages of data cleansing or when approval is needed from your team or stakeholders.

Post-merge reports
Once merged, see which records were merged, which was the master, Salesforce IDs, and other field values.

Schedule Cloudingo to work while you sleep

Make sure your Salesforce data is always clean. Schedule Cloudingo to run daily, weekly, or in real-time, catching any duplicates that slip in.

Analyze Salesforce fields with Field Analysis

See the number, type, and usage of fields on any Salesforce object so that you can unclutter page layouts, improve record completeness, eliminate skewing of reports, and further improve data quality.

salesforce fields report

Unclutter Salesforce page layouts
Clean up page layouts by identifying redundant fields that can be consolidated or removed

More complete records
Identify which fields are used most and what data is missing to ensure accurate records

Better manage data
Make sure only valuable data is collected and omit the chaos that impairs data quality

“Cloudingo is easily one of the best investments we’ve made to help our teams fully realize the value of our data and of Salesforce.”

Shannon Kelliher, Director at Oak Street Health

Experience the easiest way to clean Salesforce and Marketo data

Divide and conquer with team members

Customize access and permission sets for anyone on your team without sacrificing the security and control you need.

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Need expert help?

Sometimes data cleansing is better left in the hands of experts. We can help.

How dirty is your data?
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