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Leverage the data cleansing power of Cloudingo and help your clients have quality, valuable, and trusted Salesforce data.

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Solve your client’s biggest headache

Use Cloudingo to do a deep data cleanup of your client’s Salesforce org. Eliminate duplicates, standardize records, and more.

Then pass the license to your clients so they can ensure their data stays top notch.

“I’ve had 10+ clients sign up for Cloudingo. It solves a big need in Salesforce, and it’s great for managing duplicates.”

-Zac S., Salesforce consultant

So much data cleansing power at your fingertips

Merge duplicate records

Customizable filters and rules give you full control of how records are merged.

Modify large sets of data

Reassign records, update missing data points, normalize and standardize data.

Import data dupe-free

Upload files and compare the data against existing Salesforce records.

Find and compare data

Use data from a spreadsheet to find corresponding data in Salesforce, like record IDs.

Delete stale records

Save money on database costs by deleting worthless records, test records, and inactive leads.

Set it and forget it

Ensure data is always clean by scheduling Cloudingo to automatically dedupe for you.

Validate addresses

Standardize and append U.S. mailing addresses, ensuring info is accurate and updated.

Sync outside systems

Keep all your data systems clean and synced with Salesforce.

Why you’ll love being a partner

Earn more revenue

Receive revenue share for Cloudingo customers you refer or manage

Client discounts

Guarantee your clients a better price on Cloudingo if they go through you

Expand your services

Strengthen your offerings by adding data cleansing in your portfolio of client services

Free software

Get a Cloudingo license at no charge to play with and demo to potential customers

Partner Resources

Cloudingo Info Pack

No need to explain to your clients what Cloudingo does. Pass along an informational brochure about all of Cloudingo’s offerings.

Data Quality Report

Give your clients a FREE health check on the state of their Salesforce data using our easy to fill in audit template.

“Cloudingo is legit one of the easiest tools to work with. When I started using it for my customer, they had 80,000 duplicates. I nearly sh*t myself. However, using Cloudingo, I was able to get them cleaned in a couple days. I plan on using Cloudingo for every one of my customers.”

Vinny P., Salesforce Consultant

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