Our mission: to rid the world of bad data

At Cloudingo, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem with Salesforce: everyone is second-guessing their data. Salespeople aren’t certain which contacts belong to which record owners. Marketers don’t know which leads to accurately target. Managers are left with a muddy view of metrics and reporting.

Our mission has been, and continues to be, to please our customers. Every Wednesday afternoon we huddle together to reflect on user feedback, brainstorm more use-case scenarios, and discuss ways we can make Cloudingo even better. Our in-house development team is continually working on new features and releases. Cloudingo is always evolving and will never go stale.

Because we dedicate so much time to Cloudingo, we set high expectations for not only ourselves, but for our customers too. We don’t just care about the transaction; we want you to use Cloudingo in ways that will improve your business. That is why we take extra measures to provide detailed tutorials and support.

Call us nerds, but what makes us the happiest is knowing our tool makes life better for our customers. Seriously! If a clean database means you don’t have to dig through records to find the most accurate anymore, saving you twenty minutes a day, we’ve done our job. That’s twenty extra minutes you can spend with your family. Twenty extra minutes to hit the gym. Or if you’re like us, that’s twenty extra minutes to nerd out over data!

The History of Cloudingo

In 2010, our company, Symphonic Source, was in the midst of working on other projects. We quickly became frustrated Salesforce users who were constantly digging through duplicate records, trying to guess which one was the most accurate. We needed to put a stop to duplicate records entering our org. At the time there was no solution to prevent duplicates, so we developed our own. We created it, tested it, and released it to the public. The result was our first product, DupeCatcher, which is a free tool. Since its inception, DupeCatcher has consistently remained one of the most downloaded apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The huge popularity we had with DupeCatcher really got our gears moving. What other roadblocks were hindering the quality of Salesforce data? Having dozens of conversations with DupeCatcher users, we started hearing a common theme: everyone needed to get rid of existing duplicates but there was no way to do that.

In the fall of 2012 we released the first version of Cloudingo. We had no idea the effect it would have on improving Salesforce data quality for thousands of people around the world. Since its release, Cloudingo has morphed from a basic deduplication app to a robust data quality tool, complete with enterprise capabilities.

We still have many tricks up our sleeves, and we’re excited to deliver them to you in future releases.

“We’ve had good experiences with the Cloudingo team when we needed help utilizing Cloudingo to its full extent, and we appreciated them taking time to make sure that we were using it in the most effective way for our deduping.” -Jennifer K.

Made in America

Our company, our team, and all of our hardware are located in Dallas, Texas. We do not outsource jobs, projects, hosting, or anything at all.

Get clarity. Say goodbye to messy and confusing Salesforce data.

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