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From deduping to importing and even migrating data, Cloudingo makes it super easy to manage Salesforce.

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Data cleansing built specifically for you

Salesforce is great for housing data to keep a pulse on your business. But over time that data becomes messy and polluted with duplicates, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies.

Some data quality functions are built into Salesforce, but they’re limiting and tedious. Lots of clicking, screen hopping, and decision making are involved.

That’s why Cloudingo was created — to speed up your workflows, give you more power, and to knock out the chaos caused by poor data.

The most reviewed data cleansing app on the Salesforce AppExchange

June 24, 2020

Made our data better
“Cloudingo has been great for us and our territory based selling approach. We removed all our duplicates in one click. Now there aren’t rep level collisions anymore because we have a better data source.”

-Tyler L.

Jan. 17, 2020

Excellent app
“Cloudingo is a great app for deleting, importing, and merging data. There’s almost always a way to get the data cleaned, no matter how complex the job. Definitely recommend.”

-Dennis W.

Dec. 12, 2019

It will truly change your workflow!
If you’re tired of fuzzy matching and vlookups, Cloudingo will change your workflow! Really easy to customize for any business needs. Highly recommend and love using!

-Kristen G.

Dec. 11, 2019

No more manual data cleansing
“We have cleaner data, don’t waste our time on duplicates, and most importantly, I don’t have to do anything anymore. I almost forget we have it because it runs so seamlessly.”

-Brian R.

Sept. 18, 2019

Love this app!
If you have a lot of records, you have to have Cloudingo. It allows you be as strict or as loose as you want with deduping rules. Then you set it and forget it. It makes my job in sales ops so much easier.

-Nate R.

Everything you need to dramatically increase data quality


Eliminate dupes buried deep within Salesforce

Create filters, set the criteria, and sit back. Tell Cloudingo which records to look through, which fields to match on, and watch as Cloudingo hunts down dupes lurking in your org. Then automatically (or manually) merge dupes without losing important info or relationships.

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Don’t just upload records. Upload clean records.

In a single job, import new records and update those that already exist in Salesforce. Simply upload a .csv file and Cloudingo will walk you through the steps. Preview and edit records before pushing to Salesforce to ensure you get the results you want.

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Finally a hassle-free way to manage data

From updating, editing, to transforming, get it done quickly and easily with Cloudingo. Automate as much (or as little) of the data management process while maintaining full control of the outcome.

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So much data cleansing power at your fingertips

Merge duplicate records

Customizable filters and rules give you full control of how records are merged and what info is retained.

Modify large sets of data

Reassign records, update missing data points, normalize company names, and standardize data.

Import data dupe-free

Upload files and compare the data against existing Salesforce records to ensure no duplicates are created.

Find and compare data

Use data from a spreadsheet, like names, to find corresponding data that’s in Salesforce, like record IDs.

Delete stale records

Save money on database costs by deleting worthless records, test records, and inactive leads.

Set it and forget it

Ensure data is always clean by scheduling Cloudingo to automatically dedupe for you.

Validate addresses

Standardize and append U.S. mailing addresses, ensuring info is accurate, deliverable, and updated.

Sync outside systems

No matter where your data comes from, Cloudingo can keep systems clean and in sync with Salesforce.

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Schedule Cloudingo to work while you sleep

Make sure your Salesforce data is always clean. Schedule Cloudingo to run daily, weekly, whenever you want, catching any duplicates that slip in.

Experience the easiest way to clean and manage Salesforce

Divide and conquer with team members

Customize access and permission sets for anyone on your team without sacrificing the security and control you need.

The only data cleansing app that comes with peace of mind

Cloudingo gives you the ability to unmerge duplicate Salesforce records that were previously merged in Cloudingo and return them to their original state – something that isn’t possible with any other tool.

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Put data cleansing in
the hands of experts

Clean and accurate Salesforce data is crucial, but it also takes time and manpower that you may not have.

Working with over 20,000 Salesforce orgs, we know how to raise the effectiveness of your CRM, ensure security, and save you money. Our services team of Salesforce MVPs and in-house developers helps turn Salesforce orgs into clean, well-managed, and trustworthy data powerhouses.

Our services include managed dedupe, CRM migrations, consulting, and more.

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