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When your Salesforce data is clean, your job is easier. Cloudingo eliminates duplicates, cleans records, and maintains data quality all in one place.

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Cloudingo solves your Salesforce data challenges

Deduplication done simply, effectively, and securely.

Cloudingo digs deep to clean your Salesforce data however you’d like. Removing duplicates can be complicated, but Cloudingo takes away the frustration, leaving you with clean and more reliable data.
  • Find duplicates fast and easy
  • Flexible matching on any field
  • Control how records are merged
  • Automated merge options
  • Set it and forget it with scheduling

An All-in-One Data Cleansing Tool

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Created with your data needs in mind

What’s unique about Cloudingo is its ability to comb through Salesforce to find duplicated records while giving you the most flexibility and control, with the least headaches of any deduplication tool on the market. Developed with user feedback in mind, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite app among Salesforce users.

Companies across all industries and sizes have found success with Cloudingo

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