Salesforce Data Cleansing Services

Let experts clean your data for you.

Save time & effort with our proven data cleansing solutions.

data cleansing services
  • One-time cleanse
  • Custom configurations
  • Managed services

We know data cleansing can be intimidating

While we built Cloudingo to help teams solve data quality issues with ease, sometimes it’s better left in the hands of experts.

You need someone to step in and manage the process. Someone who is data-minded. Someone who knows the questions to ask and the processes to think through.

That someone is a data expert. That someone is us.

Do you need a professional to handle cleansing your Salesforce data?

  • Do you want to clean up your Salesforce org but don’t know how?
  • Does the thought of fixing data quality issues intimidate you?

  • Are you lacking the time to manage cleaning data yourself?

We help streamline your Salesforce org and build trust in your data

How our data cleansing services work

We dive deep into your data quality issues

We take time to understand your org, how your data is used, and your goals. An initial audit will tell us the current state of your data and identify problems with your data.

We create a plan to solve your specific data problems

Your data is unique. We configure filters and rules that best fit your organization so that all duplicates are eliminated, even the hidden ones.

Collaboration to give you peace of mind

We do a joint hands-on review of the configurations before any records are merged.

Give us the green light and the deduplication process is started. You’ll get a report post-cleanup so you can clearly see which and how records were merged.

Data you can trust and tools to keep it clean

In the end you’ll have high-quality data and a clean org. You’ll also have a fully configured and customized Cloudingo license so you can keep your org clean and to knock out other data projects like importing and standardizing records.

A team of Salesforce experts on your side

We’ve worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for decades. Our team of Salesforce MVPs and in-house developers have helped thousands of companies identify and fix data quality issues.

How can we help you?

Data Cleansing Services

Packages and offerings

Tier 1

starting at

Tier 2

starting at

Tier 3

starting at

Salesforce org size

up to 500,000

500,000 to 2.5 million

2.5 million+

Standard Salesforce objects

Custom Salesforce objects



Dedupe filter buildout

Merge rules configuration

Pre-merge report

Deduplication of records

Ongoing data cleansing plan

Post-deduplication summary report

Cloudingo license included




Completion time (estimated)

4 to 6 weeks

6 to 8 weeks

8+ weeks


  • Bulk record assignment

  • Bulk record update and deletion

  • Address validation and standardization

  • Field analysis to consolidate page layouts

  • Continual data cleansing monitoring and management

  • Training on the Cloudingo platform before the license is passed to you

When you’re equipped with high quality data, your business grows

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