Import Clean Data

Import data and records into Salesforce or Marketo.

Import clean records painlessly with Cloudingo’s import wizard.

Upload clean records, not duplicates.

Match records on import files with existing Salesforce or Marketo records to ensure no duplicates enter your org.

Update records that already exist in Salesforce or Marketo with information from the import file.

Customizable and flexible filters allow you to control which Salesforce or Marketo records to compare against your list.

Preview and edit records before pushing to Salesforce or Marketo to ensure you get the results you want.

Import records to Salesforce

Painless imports are possible

In a single job, import new records and update those that already exist in Salesforce or Marketo. Simply upload a .csv file and Cloudingo will walk you through the steps.

  • Check to see if records in your file already exist in Salesforce or Marketo. Update existing records, and push unique records to Salesforce or Marketo.
  • When importing Contacts, automatically create new Accounts. Or update account fields on existing accounts.
  • Assign records to campaigns, create notes, and set values in mass like status and record ownership.
  • Save field mappings to make frequent imports quick and easy.

Don’t let any dupes sneak in

With Cloudingo’s powerful deduplication engine, you can rest easy knowing only clean, unique data enters your org.

  • Customizable filters allow you to find any and all duplicates that may exist in your file, Salesforce, or Marketo.
  • Dedupe on any standard or custom fields using a variety of matching algorithms.
  • Set rules to have Cloudingo automatically merge duplicates, or set them aside for review and manual merge.
Salesforce data loader

Preview your results before pushing to Salesforce or Marketo

Make sure your data is the way you want it before inserting it into Salesforce or Marketo. Check to see if any duplicates or problems exist with your data, such as malformed email addresses.

  • See if duplicate matches exist between your file and existing records, within the file itself, or both instances. Automatically or manually merge duplicates.
  • Make last minute changes to your data. Format text fields, standardize phone numbers, and perform lookups.
  • When you’re happy with the results, push your data to Salesforce and Marketo knowing it’s clean and dupe-free.

Divide and conquer with team members

Customize access and permission sets for anyone on your team without sacrificing the security and control you need.

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“Cloudingo has become a huge part of our day-to-day operations of importing new data to ensure it is clean and without duplicates. I highly recommend it!”

Savannah Davis, Salesforce admin at Multi Image Group

Add consistency and speed to uploads with Rapid Import

Bringing in new data via imports is both time consuming and time sensitive. Bringing that new data in cleanly is even more complicated. Cloudingo’s Import feature makes the entire process easier, consistent, and more reliable, whether you import files on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Import Templates

Create templates for routine import jobs and share them with anyone on your team.

Manage Users

Limit who can import data into Salesforce or Marketo with permission-based user profiles.


Automate deduplication of imports by selecting a template, upload a file, and push Start.

Block duplicates and keep data in sync

No matter where your data comes from, Cloudingo can keep systems clean and eliminate the need to manually sync datasets to Salesforce.

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Need expert help?

Sometimes data cleansing is better left in the hands of experts. We can help.

A better way to manage Salesforce and Marketo data in less time and clicks.

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