Cloudingo Features Overview

Cloudingo is a fully customizable, easy-to-use platform that makes the pain of cleaning and managing Salesforce data a thing of the past.


See the state of your data at a glance

The dashboard gives you a clear picture of what’s going on, and is your destination to get things done.

Keep track of the state of your data, like how many duplicates are in your org, when jobs were last run, and a running list of all activity.


Find dupes buried deep inside your org

Cloudingo finds duplicates using user-defined filters. Start with prebuilt filters then create more with the drag-and-drop user interface.

Mix and match various matching styles on any Salesforce fields to identify dupes across standard and custom objects.


Merge and convert however you’d like

Merging and converting records can be done in three different ways: manually, in mass, or automatically.

Your rules determine which record serves as the baseline and which field values “win”. All attachments, notes, and opportunities stay intact.

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Full control because data cleansing isn’t one-size fits all

Your data is unique and Cloudingo accommodates that. Create rules to tell Cloudingo how records should be merged, which record is the “survivor”, and which field values trump all others.

Merge dupes into a single record. Various options give you flexibility to designate a master record that fits your needs.

Add granularity by deciding which field values carry over to the master, such as the highest or a prioritized value.

Dive even further and add exceptions for scenarios when you don’t want records automatically merged.


Automagically clean data while you sleep

Make sure your Salesforce data is always clean by merging duplicates in real-time or scheduling automation to run daily, weekly, whenever you want. Catch any duplicates trying to slip into your org.


The only data cleansing tool with peace of mind

Cloudingo gives you the ability to unmerge duplicate Salesforce records that were previously merged in Cloudingo and return them to their original state – something that isn’t possible with any other tool.

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Don’t just upload data. Upload clean data.

Match import records with existing Salesforce records to ensure no duplicates enter your data and existing records get updated.

Plus convert and assign records to campaigns, add notes, make edits, and more all in one seamless process.



Add consistency and speed to uploads

Cloudingo Rapid Import feature makes the entire process easier, consistent, and more reliable, whether you import files on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Import Templates

Create templates for routine import jobs and share them with anyone on your team.

Manage Users

Limit who can import data into Salesforce with permissions-based user profiles.


Automate deduplication of imports by selecting a template, upload a file, and push Start.


Find Salesforce data you need in half the time

With just a few pieces of data, Cloudingo digs through Salesforce and reports back any related info you’d like, such as record IDs, account names, statuses – anything!

Use data from a spreadsheet, like names, to find corresponding Salesforce data, like record IDs. Download the results to further manipulate, import, or update.


Share the data cleansing power of Cloudingo across all platforms

Implement features of a master data management system at a fraction of the price with Cloudingo’s API. The API gives you the power to sync, dedupe, and identify master records between Salesforce, Salesforce integrations, and other on-premise or cloud applications.

Salesforce acts as the “source-of-record” while Cloudingo syncs and audits any record changes, publishing them to other applications.

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Tackle Marketo’s biggest weakness: duplicates

Marketo lacks advanced means to get rid of and prevent duplicates. Sure, you can dedupe your Salesforce org, but getting the two systems in sync is tough. With Cloudingo’s Marketo integration you can clean records coming from Marketo on more than just email, using any of the various Cloudingo matching options. Any duplicates that may exist in Salesforce can be merged and synced back to Marketo, keeping both systems aligned. Plus prevent future duplicates, and stop wasting time, money, and your reputation.

Improve analytics

Gain a solid understanding of your pipeline, marketing efforts, and customer journey without bad data skewing reports.

Preserve lead scores

Never miss out on hot leads. Unlike Marketo’s default action, you can preserve the score of the master record.

Reduce Marketo costs

By eliminating duplicates synced to Salesforce from Marketo, you reduce the size of your database and the cost of Marketo.

And so much more…

Managing Salesforce data is complex. Cloudingo has all the tools you need to easily improve customer data so you can improve the bottom line.

Divide and conquer with teams

Customize access and permission sets for anyone on your team without sacrificing the security and control you need.

Insights that give you clarity

Cloudingo’s robust reporting let’s you keep tabs on your data and share your progress with your team. Learn more →

Analyze fields

Get an analysis of the number, type, and usage of fields on any Salesforce object so you can keep page layouts clutter free. Learn more →

Awesome support

Whether it’s tech support or ongoing strategic services, our team of Salesforce experts have you covered.

Ironclad security

Cloudingo communicates with Salesforce via API calls which means your data is never stored nor cached inside the platform. Learn more →

Get clarity. Say goodbye to messy and confusing Salesforce data.

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