Salesforce Field Analysis

Quckly analyze Salesforce fields and see which fields are populated

Gain insight into the data you collect and better understand your org

Improve data quality and increase user adoption

Ever wonder which of your Salesforce fields aren’t used anymore or how many records actually have data in a specific field?

Field Analysis lets you analyze Salesforce fields to see the number, type, and usage of fields on any Salesforce object. You can even run detailed analysis on certain field content like picklists, numbers, emails, and owners.

Use the info to unclutter Salesforce page layouts, improve record completeness, eliminate skewing of reports, and further improve data quality.

Get a complete picture of your Salesforce org

Simply select an object and Cloudingo delivers a .csv report to use for analysis

Unclutter Salesforce pages

Clean up page layouts by identifying redundant fields that can be consolidated or removed

More complete records

Identify which fields are used most and what data is missing to ensure accurate records

Better manage data

Make sure only valuable data is collected and omit the chaos that impairs data quality

Find data in Salesforce
Analyze Salesforce fields

Quickly identify and evaluate fields

  • Run queries on standard and custom Salesforce objects to analyze field usage
  • See what percentage of records have a specific field populated across an object

  • Once the results are collected, use the info to unclutter page layouts and improve data quality

“Cloudingo is incredibly powerful. It has a ton of options and features, and still maintains its ease of use. They seem to have really thought of everything!”

Cody Cleary, Salesforce admin at ASM International

Find and report data automatically

No matter where your data comes from, Cloudingo can keep systems in line and eliminate the need to manually sync datasets to Salesforce.

View API integrations

Easily analyze Salesforce data and improve your data quality

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