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If your Salesforce database is a mess, your business processes are too. Clean data produces better ROI, more effective marketing to fill the pipeline, and more Won Opportunities. Know where you’re starting in order to get where you need to be! Take a tour of Cloudingo’s features and benefits.


The customizable dashboard allows you to view all your data on one screen, including the number and types of duplicates that exist. Choose between grid or list view, and reorder and organize to your liking. Drill into focus areas to see duplicate records in real-time.

Cloudingo Dashboard


Cloudingo finds duplicates based on certain criteria within fields. Out-of-the-box, Cloudingo will match records based on Email and Last Name across Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. Use the prebuilt standard filters, edit them, or easily create your own custom filters.

Cloudingo Filter Wizard


Merging records is easy and can be done manually, automatically, or through mass merge. View your duplicates side-by-side, select a master record and field values, and begin merging manually. Or select different groups of records and merge all at once using the mass merge option. You can also choose to just sit back and let Cloudingo do the merging itself according to automation rules determined by you. Don’t worry — all attachments, notes, opportunities, etc. stay intact!

Cloudingo Salesforce Merge


Regularly scan for duplicates based on specific rules and schedule automation jobs to merge records as often as you’d like.

Cloudingo Automation Engine

Import Wizard

Cleanse your import files before the data enters Salesforce. Upload CSV or tab delimited files directly inside of Cloudingo. Let the Import Wizard scan for duplicates and refine your data.

Cloudingo Record Import Wizard

Reports and Audit Trails

Monitor your automation jobs in real-time and see historical information about previous jobs. Get a summary of the timeline of jobs that have run or are running and their current status.

Cloudingo Reporting

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Superior Customer Service

We are committed to our customers and they remain our #1 priority. Our dedicated, Dallas-based support staff is here to answer any question you have or solve any issues. We continue to update Cloudingo based on user feedback and suggestions.

Cloudingo is a top rated data quality app on the Salesforce AppExchange

“Hands down, Cloudingo has the best support on the AppExchange.” – Very Satisfied Cloudingo client

Data Maintenance Module – New!

You shouldn’t have to work for your data; it should work for you. Built right into Cloudingo, our newest tool further enhances your data, giving it more purpose and value.

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