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Get the collaboration, clarity, and control you need to power your data cleansing process company-wide with Cloudingo Enterprise.

Multi-User Logins

Get more hands on deck and increase security

Your data is sacred, and as the gatekeeper of your Salesforce instance, the responsibility of securing and preserving the data rests in your hands. Cloudingo Enterprise equips you with the ability to control levels of access so that the right people have access to the right data, and only the right data.

  • Control who has access to various Cloudingo functions
  • Manage multiple user roles and permissions
  • Increase the security of your data using audit reporting and change tracking

Cloudingo Multi-User Roles
Cloudingo API
API Integration

Share the data cleansing power of Cloudingo across all your platforms

Get the functionality of a true master data management system at a fraction of the price with Cloudingo’s API. The Cloudingo Enterprise API gives you the power to sync, dedupe, and identify master records between Salesforce, Salesforce integrations, and other on-premise or cloud applications (ERPs, marketing automation systems, accounting platforms, etc.).

  • Full SOAP/REST API means Cloudingo can be called from your internal systems or other cloud-based applications. This allows for checking for duplicate records, standardizing data, and merging records using Cloudingo’s automation engine.
  • Salesforce can act as the “source-of-record” and Cloudingo will help sync/audit any record changes and publish them to your on-premise or cloud applications.
  • Outbound webhooks can call your other systems with published changes that happen inside Salesforce.
  • Lightweight and effective master data management system features.
Marketo Integration

Tackle Marketo’s biggest weakness: duplicates

Marketo lacks advanced means to get rid of and prevent duplicates. Sure, you can dedupe your Salesforce org, but getting the two systems in sync is tough.

With Cloudingo’s Marketo integration you can clean records that enter Salesforce from Marketo using various matching options, and not just email. Any duplicates that may exist in Salesforce can be merged and synched back to Marketo, keeping both systems aligned. Plus prevent future duplicates, and stop wasting time, money, and your reputation.

Cloudingo and Marketo Integration

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