Cloud-to-cloud data deduplication...with ease

From the team that brought you DupeCatcher - connect to and start cleaning up your data in minutes. Remove, merge, convert duplicate records in no time...Cloudingo chases down and eliminates duplicate data. Effortlessly clean up your Salesforce leads, contacts, accounts and person accounts.

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  • Online Deduplication

    Manage your records. Just login anytime, anywhere with total security.

  • Merge and Convert

    Merge and convert duplicate records to save your company time, money, and embarassment.

  • Automation & Mass Merge

    Select many records or set it and forget it. Notes, campaigns and other attached objects all get preserved!

  • Get the Facts

    A one-page summary with everything you need.

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Cloudingo is loved by

"We were really surprised at how fast and easy it was to setup filters in Cloudingo and dedupe our Salesforce data. I'm now actually confident in the quality and consistency of our data."
Hospitality Lawyer

Claudia Aslin
Director of Operations

Cloudingo was developed by Symphonic Source - a leading provider of data quality and cleansing software and services that ensure the integrity of information used by leading business applications. Our tools, including DupeCatcher, Cloudingo and Cloudingo Studio, enable organizations of any size to quickly and cost effectively integrate and cleanse customer data to improve operational performace. Symphonic Source software, services and tools are used by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide to maximize benefits of Salesforce CRM by cleansing and eliminating duplicate data.