Gain confidence in the accuracy and quality of your Salesforce data

Cloudingo is a cloud-based deduplication and data quality application built specifically for Salesforce. Quickly profile your data, find duplicate or similar records, and effortlessly merge them without losing any important data or relationships. Integrate and manage customer data to ensure that you are always working with the most accurate, up-to-date info. Cloudingo is the premier solution for Salesforce deduplication and data quality.

  • Eliminate duplicates
  • Edit, modify, and augment
  • Update and delete in bulk
  • Convert Leads to Contacts and Accounts
  • Cleanse import files
  • Validate and standardize

Deduplication & Profiling

Find duplicate records in your existing Salesforce data based on pre-built filters or create your own. See all of your data on one screen, drill into focus areas to see duplicate records in real-time, and easily dedupe from a customizable dashboard. Cleanse import files before the data reaches Salesforce.

More meaningful & Dependable data

Enrich your data with the Cloudingo’s data maintenance features such as address validation and standardization, geocoding, mass update, and mass delete.

Automated Dupe Discovery & Cleanup

Regularly scan for duplicates based on specific rules. Schedule automation jobs to merge records as often as you’d like.

Superior customer service & support

We’ve developed a library of how-to videos and tip and tricks for you to have at your fingertips. Additionally, we love talking to our customers and are available via email or phone to walk you through scenarios that are specific to your needs.

Tired of duplicate and inconsistent records in Salesforce? Let Cloudingo handle it. Your data will be cleansed within minutes.
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