Find Salesforce data you need in half the time

No more complicated vlookups, queries, or reports

Data exploration has never been easier

Have you ever had a list of account names and needed to find their Salesforce IDs and phone numbers? Looking them up individually is a pain. Now there’s a better way.

With just a few pieces of data, Cloudingo digs through Salesforce and reports back any related information you’d like, such as record IDs, account names, statuses – anything!

  • Use data from a spreadsheet, like names, to find corresponding data that’s in Salesforce, like record IDs
  • Identify if the information is already in Salesforce or if new records need to be created
  • Download the results into a .csv file to further manipulate, import, or update Salesforce records

How to find data in Salesforce

Any objects, any fields

Run queries on standard and custom Salesforce objects to collect data from any related fields

Powerful matching

Use various algorithms to identify records from a .csv file that match records already in Salesforce

Fine-tune records

Once the results are collected, use Cloudingo to further update, dedupe, or insert the data to Salesforce

Get started with Cloudingo today

With a powerful yet easy-to-use platform, cleaning and managing Salesforce data has never been easier.

Salesforce data cleansing