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Make quality decisions based on quality data

Cloudingo eliminates redundancies and consolidates data so that business decisions are based on facts, not hunches.

Clean and dedupe

Get rid of duplicate records and spend less time digging to find the right info

Remove confusion

Update, transform, and standardize data making it actionable, more reliable, and easier to digest

Load data better

Upload .csv files, scan for dupes, create new records, and update those already in Salesforce

Single source of truth

Tie outside data sources to Salesforce, like ERPs and marketing automation systems

dedupe Salesforce

Easily catch dupes buried deep within your Salesforce org

Create filters, set the criteria, and sit back. Tell Cloudingo which records to look through, which fields to match on, and watch as Cloudingo hunts down dupes lurking in your org.

  • Dedupe standard and custom Salesforce objects using any combination of fields.

  • Choose from 10+ matching styles from exact to fuzzy to identify which records are duplicates of each other.

  • Use advanced algorithms to catch hard to find dupes, like Robert vs. Bob, and ACME Inc. vs. ACME Co.

Full control, because data cleansing isn’t one-size fits all

Your data is unique and Cloudingo accommodates that. Create rules to tell Cloudingo how records should be merged, which record is the “survivor”, and which field values trump all others.

  • Merge dupes into a single record. Various options give you flexibility to designate a master record that fits your needs.

  • Add granularity by deciding which field values carry over to the master, such as the highest or a prioritized value.
  • Take data cleansing a step further by standardizing fields, like text and phone formatting.

duplicate management

Get clarity. Say goodbye to messy and confusing Salesforce data.

Salesforce data quality