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Slide “Cloudingo's easy user interface saved me dozens of hours of manual work! I've worked with multiple deduplication products, but I'm never going to need another one again.” –Cindy D. 1. Saves time Slide “My favorite feature is the automation part of it. Just set it up and don't even think about it.” –Brenda G. 2. Flexible and automated Slide "One of the most important things we have benefited from is the ability to clean data we are importing into our Salesforce instance. This saves a lot of time and .csv file manipulation.” –Mony G. 3. Dedupes import files Slide “One of the better, if not the best, mass update tools we use for Salesforce. The automatic dedupe function is invaluable to keeping our database clean.” –Alex L. 4. Mass updates Slide "Cloudingo has continually been evolving, so no worries of being left with a legacy product as the rest of the AppExchange market moves forwards.” –Simon W. 5. Ongoing enhancements Slide "The tool is intuitive, hugely flexible and (dare I say it) pleasurable to work with. Any organization with any volume of customer or prospect data needs to have this tool.” –Dave H. 6. Essential to any org Slide “Cloudingo gives you the ability to comb your database with a fine toothed comb for duplicate records. It really has been a great addition to our tool belt for removing duplicate records.” –Nick V. 7. Digs deep for dupes Slide “Merging became a breeze when we could choose which parts of a contact record to keep and which to discard, leaving only the wanted data behind.” –Ahmed A. 8. Complete user control Slide “Not only am I able to merge leads with leads, I am also able to merge leads to existing accounts, and even contacts to accounts.” –Sandy H. 9. Merges across objects Slide “We appreciated the Cloudingo team taking time to make sure that we were using it in the most effective way for our deduping.” –Jennifer K. 10. Great customer service Slide “Fueled by no need to install anything on your computer, the always available access of the software is a welcomed benefit.” –Evan J. 11. Available wherever you are Slide “Cloudingo ensures the data we have and report on is more accurate, all without ever having to export data to an external format like I had to prior.” –Glen C. 12. Improves data quality Slide “We had a major (and very complicated) dupe issue. Cloudingo has helped us get to the bottom of our troubles and we are working toward a Salesforce instance that has zero duplicates!” –Kendra K. 13. No problem too big Slide “Clouding allowed us to quickly clean up the duplication issues and also allowed us to continue to cleanse our duplicates that accidentally creep in.” –Heather G. 14. Continual clean up Slide “It's amazing how much you can accomplish with this tool. Literally any type of filter, any type of merging you want to do, can be accomplished. You can tell they've really put a lot of thought into addressing every possible use-case.” –Allie C. 15. Incredibly robust Slide “Cloudingo makes it easy for our sales and business development team to get a holistic view on which leads are duplicates so we can avoid any crossover in our workflows.” –Jonathan B. 16. Multi-level benefits Slide “Keeping my data in order with Cloudingo has not only helped me as an administrator, but also helped other Salesforce users who are more confident with the accuracy of the information they access.” –Richard B. 17. Improves Salesforce initiatives Slide “The fact that there was a trial period won me over. The trial run compiled all my data and identified mass amounts of duplicates, giving me all the ammo I needed to get budget approval.” –Amanda E. 18. Try before you buy Slide “The user interface is easy to use and intuitive, and the level of control and customization Cloudingo provides isn't available anywhere else in the marketplace.” –Dave F. 19. Easy to use Slide “Every company that uses Salesforce should purchase this must-have app so that one derives the maximum benefit from Salesforce.” –Esther H. 20. A must-have Slide “The ability to customize filters enabled us to hone in on the "sure-fire duplicates" and merge them quickly. Custom filters also allowed for all sorts of imaginative criteria to root out the "maybes." There's nothing like seeing a couple hundred records zapped per day!” –Dan H. 21. Reliable and precise Slide “As a marketer, implementing Cloudingo has been essential to successful campaign execution, and my sales reps have appreciated the results on their end as well!” –Amanda E. 22. Increases productivity Slide “We had thousands of duplicate records, and now my users have a hard time finding any. I fully recommend Cloudingo to anyone looking for the fastest, easiest way to clean up their Salesforce org.” –Eric G. 23. Good at what it does

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What’s unique about Cloudingo is its ability to clean and manage Salesforce data while giving you the most flexibility and control. Developed with user feedback in mind, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite app among Salesforce users.

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