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Data cleansing essentials:

  • Single user account ​
  • Supports standard objects​
  • Mass merge, convert, update, & delete ​
  • Scheduled automation jobs ​
  • Standard import wizard ​
  • Self-service and email support ​
  • No custom contracts or security audits



Everything in Standard +

  • 3 user accounts
  • Supports up to 3 custom objects
  • Real-time merge​
  • Undo & restore merges
  • Rapid import wizard
  • Enhanced reporting & tracking
  • Dedicated customer success manager & personalized onboarding
  • No custom contracts or security audits



Everything in Professional +

  • 8 user accounts​
  • Supports unlimited custom objects ​
  • Marketo integration​
  • API integration (system to Salesforce dupe management & notification)​
  • Security audit & compliance​
  • Contract customization

*Pricing is per Salesforce org, billed annually, and not tied to the number of Salesforce users. Organizations with 300,000+ total records (across Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Person Accounts, and custom objects if applicable) are subject to a record count fee of $100 for every 100,000 records above 300,000.

Sometimes data cleansing is better left in the hands of experts. We can help.

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License configuration

Salesforce instance 




Standard Salesforce objects 

Custom Salesforce objects 



Clean and dedupe data

Filter creation




Manual merge/convert 

Mass merge/convert 

Automated merge/convert 

Schedule dedupe jobs

Undo and restore merges

Real-time merge

Maintain and manage data

Mass update records 

Mass delete records 

Find and export data 

Transform and standardize records

Find and replace data 

Field analysis

Mass import records

Rapid import wizard 

Address validation

+ Add on

+ Add on

+ Add on

Collaborate with teams





Customizable roles and permissions

Share filters and rules

User auditing

Integrate other systems

Marketo integration 

API integration

1,000 calls/day


Progress and tracking reports 

Automation preview report

+ Add on

Exportable filter results

+ Add on


Email support

Documentation and video library 

Personal onboarding 

Customer success manager 

Professional services 

Contact us

Contact us


OAUTH connection to Salesforce

SAS-70 type II compliant 

256-bit SSL encryption

Whitelisted servers

GDPR compliant

All plans include:

  • Analysis of the current health of your Salesforce data

  • Ability to create as many filters and rules as needed

  • Dynamic matching algorithms, from exact to fuzzy

  • Power to control final records and individual fields

  • Reports to monitor and share your progress

  • Easy install and setup process done in just minutes

  • Highly raved about support team with quick response

  • Extensive library of help articles and video tutorials

Sometimes data cleansing is better left in the hands of experts. We can help.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can test Cloudingo free for ten days. No credit card required.
During the 10-day trial period you can see the current state of your data and test most of the features of Cloudingo. First Cloudingo will show you how many duplicates you have in your org right now. You are given 25 tokens which allow you to perform an action like merging, converting, updating, etc. on 25 groups of records. For example, with one token you can merge one group of duplicates which may consist of two or more records.
No, Cloudingo is licensed per Salesforce instance and does not take into account the number of users that are in your org. Cloudingo does charge a record count fee based on the number of records in your Salesforce environment.
No, Cloudingo is only available with a yearly subscription.
You will simply create a Cloudingo account and the application will walk you through the rest of the setup, including installing the Cloudingo agent which can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange.
Yes, a single Cloudingo license can connect to one production and one sandbox org. You can start with whichever org you choose and add the other later.
Yes. Because Cloudingo does not export or store your data, your data’s compliance is never in question. (Cloudingo only stores an index of fields used for matching, but not the actual data.)
Aside from our support team that users rave about, we have an in-depth knowledge base complete with help articles, videos, and tutorials. We also hold biweekly user-only webinars and monthly training sessions. One-on-one training is available with some licenses or can be purchased at a nominal cost.

Yes, we do. Please complete this form for more information.

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