Starting your 10-day free trial of Cloudingo is simple. No credit card required!

Start your free trial in two easy steps!

Step 1

1. Install Cloudingo from AppExchange

Step 2

2. Create Cloudingo Account

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to do during the free trial?
You’ll be able to test out all of Cloudingo’s features including merging, converting, and editing records, and you’ll have the ability to see those changes in your Salesforce org as they happen in real time. Build as many filters as you’d like using default or custom fields, run automation jobs, and even upload .csv files and dedupe against your existing Salesforce records.

What if I need a hand getting started?
If you need help setting up your trial, have any questions about Cloudingo, or if you’d like a demo, our support team is ready to spring into action.

Is Cloudingo secure?
Security is our highest priority. Cloudingo communicates with Salesforce via API calls, so your data is never stored. We cannot see your data. (Learn more about our security standards here.)

What happens after my trial is up?
With the free trial you can use Cloudingo at no charge for 10 days (no credit card required). Once your trial is up, choose which yearly subscription plan fits your needs. If you’re not ready to purchase after your trial period, no problem. Your filters, rules, and customizations will be saved in case you decide to buy later on.

Are multiple users able to connect and setup an account?
Cloudingo was designed as an admin tool and as such it currently has a single login. You can share that Cloudingo login ID with other users, and multiple users can be logged in simultaneously.

Can I run the trial in a sandbox, or does it need to be run in a production org?
A single Cloudingo account can connect to one production org and one sandbox org. You can start with whichever org you choose and add the other later.

Need additional help?

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