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We built Cloudingo with ease-of-use and convenience in mind, but we understand not everyone has the resources or time to manage data cleansing on their own. No matter the size of an organization, cleaning and maintaining data can be a full time job. For this reason, companies trust and rely on our expertise to handle the job for them.

With our configuration and managed services packages, our team of in-house developers and data analysts will work with you to carefully evaluate and assess your goals.

Manged Dedupe and Customizations

Sometimes “out-of-the-box” just isn’t enough. Having clean and accurate data is crucial but for many of our clients there just isn’t enough time in the day to dedicate to that task. Create the confidence in your data that your users deserve by letting us handle the dedupe and data maintenance tasks.

  • We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and one-time dedupe plans
  • Customizable reports
  • Bulk email address validation service
  • Physical address standardization and validation
  • Customizable master rule and merge rule options

Custom Projects

At Symphonic Source we understand that when it comes to data projects, one size does not fit all. Leverage the experience of our developers and engineers to help build a solution tailored to your needs and that addresses the root issue, not the symptoms. Let us help you choose the right approach.

  • CRM migrations
  • API integration
  • Custom coding

Consulting Services

Make your data work for you, not against you. Our experts can help make sure your business is using Salesforce as efficiently as possible. Having worked extensively with both large and small companies, we have the experience to create solutions that not only solve today’s data challenges but will work seamlessly as your company grows and changes.

  • Salesforce workflows and strategy
  • Data quality analytics
  • Day-to-day data management plans

Migration Victory

Migrating and formatting over a million records from one CRM to Salesforce is a huge feat, but one that we successfully tackled for a large corporation. Read our case study to learn more.

Increasing Sales Efficiency

Learn how one company was able to find the root cause of bad data, the problems that arose, and how they were able to increase sales efficiencies and clean data using Cloudingo.

Download Case Study

Improve Reliability of Data

After weighing several data cleansing options, find out how Docker used Cloudingo to clean their data, eliminate the abundance of existing duplicate records, and stopped the hemorrhaging of lost revenue and resources.

Download Case Study
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