Take control of every aspect of data cleansing

Manage Salesforce data more effectively and securely with multiple Cloudingo users

dedupe multiple users

Create separate, unique user accounts, each with its own set of permissions.

Cloudingo allows merging Marketo lead scores

Users can login simultaneously to run dedupe, import, and maintenance jobs.

Customizable dashboards, filters, and views for individual roles and users.

As your business grows, so does your data and its complexities.

Most large companies can’t leave data cleansing to one person. With multi-user logins, admins can share the responsibility for data maintenance, while also managing who can access and modify data with Cloudingo. Control access and permissions, and increase security by easily setting various types of logins and assigning roles to each Cloudingo user.

For example, restrict access to certain filters, dashboards, Salesforce connections, or Cloudingo functions. In addition you can audit and track who made what changes and when in both Cloudingo and Salesforce.

  • Reduce the risk of malicious or accidental errors
  • Maintain security and audit protocols required by business needs
  • Audit user access and actions via Cloudingo and Salesforce
  • 5 user IDs included with Cloudingo Enterprise license
eliminate duplicates in salesforce

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