The Dingo Mission

Cloudingo is what it is because of our amazing team. We’re really passionate people who love what we do! We’re focused on one thing – consistently delivering exceptional data quality products that bring results. As a team made up of data scientists, engineers, designers, Salesforce gurus, and industry veterans, we’re dedicated to providing the best Salesforce data quality software and services. In addition, we know a tremendous amount about data so if Salesforce isn’t the right fit, we can tailor a migration plan for you.

Salesforce Data Quality

Our solutions enable organizations of any size to quickly and cost-effectively integrate and cleanse customer data to improve operational performance. We work with more than 22,000 organizations worldwide to maximize the benefits of Salesforce by cleansing and eliminating duplicate data. We offer both and out-of-the-box data quality solution (Cloudingo) and managed services. With managed services we just come up create a battle plan, execute and send you reports as often as you like. What makes us unique is the breadth of companies we worth with. We have customers in every vertical (Finance, Insurance, IT, Education, E-Commence, Political Campaigns) that it allows our services and products to grow along with our customers.

Symphonic Source, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is an active member of the ISV Partner Program and the Microsoft BizSpark Program.

Did you know?

We created DupeCatcher (one of the most popular apps on the AppExchange™) and Cloudingo Studio (a free Salesforce SOQL Explorer). Even crazier – we FULLY support both products for free.