Discover what’s hidden inside your Salesforce data

SOQL Query building made easy. We’ve created a tool for developers to analyze the Salesforce schema, examine standard and custom fields and objects, and create/test SOQL queries. The idea here was simple. Many of our friends were coming from a Microsoft world and using SQL Server Management Studio. We wanted them to feel comfortable making that leap over to SOQL so we built an environment that they were more familiar with.

Cloudingo Studio

Windows-Based SOQL Explorer

Cloudingo Studio’s enhancement of SOQL called SOQL Plus enables developers to create faster, more powerful, advanced queries of Salesforce data.

  • Analyze Salesforce Schema
  • Syntax Highlighting and Code Completion/Hints
  • Data Mining and Discovery
  • Export Query Results
  • TLS 1.2 Support

Cloudingo Studio uses IntelliSense to display available objects and functions for fast and easy query building. Salesforce users can run SQL-like queries for data management, and Cloudingo Studio translates them into API calls for fast inserts, updates, or deletions. Queries can even be saved and reopened. In addition, you can export your query results to CSV or Excel format.

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“Major time saver! Not to mention, a free app that has backing! I’ve been waiting for a tool like this ever since I moved over to the platform.” – Happy Cloudingo Studio Customer
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