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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do during the free trial?
Test all of Cloudingo’s features including merging, converting, and editing records and see those changes in your Salesforce org as they happen in real time. Build as many filters as you’d like using default or custom fields, run automation jobs, and even upload .csv files and dedupe against your existing Salesforce records. You can work with Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, and one custom object.

Are there any limitations to the free trial?
The trial period lasts 10 days. You are given 25 merge tokens which allow you to dedupe 25 groups of duplicates. (A group consists of two or more records that are duplicates of each other.)

Can I run the trial in a sandbox?
A single Cloudingo account can connect to one production org and one sandbox org. You can start with whichever org you choose and add the other later.

What happens after my trial ends?
Once your trial is up, choose which yearly subscription plan fits your needs. If you’re not ready to purchase after your trial period, no problem. Your filters, rules, and customizations will be saved in case you decide to buy later on.

Are multiple users able to connect and setup an account?
Trial accounts can connect to one production and one sandbox Salesforce org, and have a single user ID. Upon purchase, Basic and Standard licenses come with a single user ID. Enterprise license customers can create multiple permission-based logins, which can be used to control who has access to what Cloudingo features and functions, and how those users are able to work with Salesforce data.

Is Cloudingo secure?
Security is our highest priority. Cloudingo communicates with Salesforce via API calls, so your data is never stored. We cannot see your data. (Learn more about our security.)

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