Cloudingo vs. DupeCatcher

No matter the size of your Salesforce database, bad data and duplicate records always appear. Cloudingo and DupeCatcher allow you to quickly and effectively cleanse your data to improve performance. So, how do they differ and work together?
What type of data does it look at? Finds duplicate records already in your existing in Salesforce or from mass imports. Scan across multiple objects and fields. Block Salesforce duplicates that come through manual entry or web-to-lead entries.
What does it do to my data?
Records are auto-merged, mass merged or manually merged without data loss. Cleanse import files before the data reaches Salesforce. Blocks or merges duplicate leads, contacts, and accounts with existing records. Duplicates are caught in real-time using user-defined filters.
How does it work?
Uses prebuilt or custom filters to scan across multiple objects using powerful and flexible matching criteria. Schedule automation jobs, run reports, and audit trails. Runs in the background to scan across standard and custom fields. Allows you to have full control and eliminates any fear of data loss.
How does it work with Salesforce? Cloud-based application that works with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, or Performance versions of Salesforce. Updates are done automatically. Native app that sits directly inside of Salesforce. It works with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer versions of Salesforce.
What kind of reputation does it have?
Many companies have eliminated bad data such as Kaiser Permanente,, Harvard Business School, Technicolor, and Bitly. Customers rave about the user interface, ease of use, flexibility, and commitment of support team. Consistently been one of the top five free apps in the Salesforce AppExchange with thousands of satisfied customers. It’s a pretty big deal.
How can I start using it?