Clean and Optimize Your Marketo Data with Cloudingo

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Tired of inaccurate and inconsistent data hindering your Marketo campaigns? You’re not alone. Data quality is a critical yet often neglected aspect of marketing automation.

Cloudingo’s upcoming Marketo data quality solution is designed to transform the way you manage your lead and customer information.

Here’s how:

  • Effortless Data Cleansing: Our intuitive platform streamlines data cleanup, allowing you to say goodbye to tedious manual tasks.
  • Superior Matching Capabilities: Go beyond basic email-only matching. Cloudingo empowers you to leverage custom fields for unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in identifying duplicate records.
  • Custom Object Reparenting (Marketo Lacks This!): No more wrestling with orphaned custom objects after record merges. Cloudingo seamlessly reparents them to your designated master object.
  • Merge Your Way: Choose the approach that best suits your needs – manual, mass merge, automated merge, or even real-time merge for maximum efficiency.
  • Seamless Data Imports: Cloudingo simplifies data import, ensuring clean and accurate information is effortlessly added to your Marketo instance.

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