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Learn how to create a Salesforce environment that users will actually want to use!

Great user adoption is the cornerstone of a killer Salesforce org. Whether you’re just implementing Salesforce, or simply want to ramp up your existing org to a user-centric mega center, this free 9-part email course will arm you with everything you need to convert your abandoned Salesforce org into a productivity-producing control center.

What to expect in this eCourse:
  • Discover 9 easy-to-implement methods that boost user adoption
  • A checklist to guide you through steps that produce high user engagement
  • Learn the biggest roadblock that hinders user adoption and eliminate it once and for all
  • 2 bonus guides to help you become a better Salesforce professional

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As a Salesforce admin, or one who’s responsible for making sure everyone actually uses the CRM, it’s frustrating when users don’t cooperate.

They have every excuse under the sun:

  • “I don’t have time to enter all that data.”
  • “Salesforce is too complicated. I’ll stick to Excel.”
  • “I don’t trust the data.”

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