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How dirty is your Salesforce org?

Traffic laws help us drive (or walk or bike) safer and faster. Without traffic laws we wouldn’t be able to anticipate what other drivers would do. We wouldn’t know when it’s our turn to go. Imagine the chaos!

Your Salesforce org is similar. It exists to avoid confusion, so employees can sell, market, or whatever their job is, without stumbling around. But one pothole can really slow things down and clog up the roads.

The pothole in your Salesforce org? Poor data quality.

Deduplication done simply, effectively, and securely.

Cloudingo digs deep to clean your Salesforce data however you’d like. Removing duplicates can be complicated, but Cloudingo takes away the frustration, leaving you with clean and more reliable data.
  • Find duplicates fast and easy
  • Flexible matching on any field
  • Control how records are merged
  • Automated merge options
  • Set it and forget it with scheduling

Clean your org and have data you can trust

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