Improve and better manage your Salesforce data

From deduping to importing and even migrating data, Cloudingo makes it easier to manage your Salesforce org and do your job.

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Make quality decisions based on quality data

Cloudingo eliminates redundancies and consolidates data so that business decisions are based on facts, not hunches.

Clean and dedupe

Get rid of duplicate records and spend less time digging to find the right info

Remove confusion

Update, transform, and standardize data making it actionable, more reliable, and easier to digest

Load data better

Upload .csv files, scan for dupes, create new records, and update those already in Salesforce

Single source of truth

Tie outside data sources to Salesforce, like ERPs and marketing automation systems

Save time, don’t waste it

Check repetitive tasks off your list. From deduplication to importing to transforming, Cloudingo has all the tools you need to win at Salesforce data management.

  • Conquer common hurdles native to Salesforce like duplication, inconsistencies, data decay, and human errors

  • Schedule Cloudingo to work automatically, even when you’re not at your desk

  • Share the workload with team members using permissions-based logins so users only access what you want them to

cloudingo customizations

A platform as flexible as you need it to be

No tinkering with complex code or spreadsheets. Cloudingo is powerful yet easy to use and is completely customizable to accommodate the unique, complex nature of your dataset.

  • Drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to set up and configure Cloudingo

  • Templated filters with field-level customizations give you total flexibility and control

  • Keep tabs on your data management with detailed reporting for auditing and security

An All-in-One Data Management Tool




per org/annually

An entry tool for those with a small dataset who don’t mind manual work.



per org/annually

Automate jobs, import records, perform data manipulations, and much more.



per org/annually

Manage multiple users, use custom objects, integrate other systems, and much more.

*Additional record count fees may apply.

Created with your data needs in mind

What’s unique about Cloudingo is its ability to clean and manage Salesforce data while giving you the most flexibility and control. Developed with user feedback in mind, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite app among Salesforce users.

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