Cloudingo Sees Accelerated Growth and Adoption; Case Study with MuleSoft

Sept. 1, 2020 Dallas, TX – Symphonic Source, a leader in data management and data quality tools and services today announced that its Cloudingo, data quality orchestration product for Salesforce is seeing continued growth and momentum. This is exemplified in the successful completion of a data quality orchestration engagement of Cloudingo for a major US retailer.

Cloudingo’s customer company is a large US-based retailer with over 2500 brick and mortar stores, and a robust e-commerce platform, that relied on Salesforce for managing customer data. Customers visiting the company website sometimes struggled to find their information, making the self-service process for customers more difficult than it needed to be. Cleaning this data in Salesforce required an organized approach as Salesforce was integrated with multiple, disparate systems. To achieve and maintain a true 360-degree view of its customers meant the need for data quality orchestration between systems.

Cloudingo’s data quality and deduplication platform combined with Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform integrated this customer’s siloed systems. Cloudingo managed the data quality process by identifying duplicate records inside Salesforce and sending a pre-merge request to Mulesoft to back up the data. Mulesoft confirms the merge operation can proceed, and once it is successful, Cloudingo calls back to Mulesoft to update the disparate enterprise systems. The details of this case study are available here.

“When we introduced Cloudingo to the marketplace, we knew our ultimate path was to be able to orchestrate data quality tasks across the enterprise, not just inside Salesforce. We have always seen a real need for companies to integrate their Salesforce data with other applications—whether marketing, service, accounting, or other disparate systems; there are huge efficiencies to be gained organizationally by tying these applications together and keeping their data in sync,” said Lars Nielsen, CEO of Symphonic Source. “Cloudingo will continue to look for ways to help enterprises obtain and maintain a 360-degree view of their customers inside Salesforce.”

Cloudingo provides Salesforce customers with an easy way to eliminate and prevent duplicate records and enhance overall data quality. Cloudingo has continued to expand its enterprise functionality and offers a robust API allowing for the merging, syncing, and more streamlined integration of data between Salesforce and other surrounding applications. In conjunction with existing integration platforms as a service (PaaS), Cloudingo now orchestrates data quality across the enterprise. Cloudingo is easy to use and offers pricing plans to fit specific organizational needs, with free trials available. For more information about Cloudingo, please visit:

About Symphonic Source

Symphonic Source, Inc. delivers a full range of data management and data quality tools and services, from data cleansing, and integration/migration, to deduplication. Its mission is to provide customers with resources to manage the exponential growth in data, saving time and money and adding efficiency. Symphonic Source’s products, Cloudingo, DupeCatcher, and Cloudingo Studio make it possible for customers to achieve their data quality goals. Its customized data management services make it possible for small to enterprise level organizations to fully take advantage of their investment in valuable data resources. The company is privately-held with offices in Dallas, Texas.

About Cloudingo

Cloudingo and its sister product Dupecatcher are currently facilitating over 30,000 Salesforce instances worldwide. At any given moment, customers are using Cloudingo to scan and cleanse billions of records, migrate other Salesforce instances or databases into their master, or integrate and sync with any number of outside applications.

Cloudingo has a rich SOAP/REST API that exposes the power of the Cloudingo data quality engine and enables data quality orchestration across the enterprise. By providing both an integration API and a callback API (webhooks for orchestration), Cloudingo facilitates and protects the investment that a company makes in a 360-degree view of its data.