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Improving Salesforce User Adoption

The theory of a well-run Salesforce environment seems simple enough, right?

Your team has confidence in knowing which leads are ready to buy and which need more nurturing. Customer inquiries are automatically routed to the right agent. This month’s pipeline is available at a glance with the click of a button.

And each morning salespeople login to Salesforce, make their calls, and the money rolls in.

But does your Salesforce org actually work like this? Why isn’t all the data available at your fingertips?

The problem and, coincidently, the solution: user adoption.

So, how can you make the seemingly impossible mission of improving Salesforce user adoption possible?

In this guide, you’ll learn what hinders user adoption and strategic ways to get users to actually use the CRM:
  • 3 concrete goals to improve user adoption
  • 27 actionable tasks to accomplish the goals
  • Downloadable checklist to track your progress

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