Close the gaps and end confusion with Cloudingo’s API Integration

Finally, your ERP systems, marketing automation, accounting platforms, and other systems can connect and communicate with Salesforce.

Cloudingo’s API integration gives you the power to sync, dedupe, and identify master records between Salesforce, Salesforce integrations, and other on-premise or cloud applications.

Implement features of a master data management system at a fraction of the price

How Cloudingo Syncs Salesforce Data and External Systems

Data is first sent through Cloudingo to dedupe against existing Salesforce records. Unique records are pushed to Salesforce where new Salesforce IDs are created. Cloudingo then updates records in the outside systems with the newly created Salesforce IDs. The Salesforce IDs serve as the “Master IDs” to link all the records together, allowing Salesforce to be the system of record.

salesforce api integration
See how Kindred Healthcare was able to tie disparate systems together and create a single source of truth using Cloudingo’s API integration.

Do more than “extract, transform, and load.” Improve your data along the way.

Unlike other integration tools that just move data, Cloudingo takes extra steps to ensure your data is of highest quality.

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