Make your data more meaningful and dependable

You shouldn’t have to work for your data; it should work for you. Built right into Cloudingo, the Data Maintenance Module is our newest tool to further enhance your data, giving it more purpose and value.

Data Maintenance Module

Don’t wait for returned shipments or bounced emails to learn there’s a problem with your data. Available as an add-on for both the Basic and Standard licenses, you can be confident in your records with Cloudingo’s Data Maintenance Module.

  • Address Validation
  • Address Standardization
  • Geocoding
  • Email VerificationComing Soon!
Pay-as-you-go as low as $0.001 per record. That means 10 look-ups for 1 penny! Think about how many of those you just find on the ground…

Address Validation

  • Save money on postage by only mailing to deliverable addresses based on USPS data.
  • Valid addresses see faster shipping times, so you can eliminate shipping delays and get products to clients quicker.

Address Standardization

  • Consistent data supports your professional reputation.
  • Format addresses according to USPS standards.
  • Correct spellings and fill in blanks where data is missing.
  • Fix misspellings (MacEwen to McEwen)
  • Include street suffixes where missing
  • Format secondary address segments (Suite to Ste)
  • Add zip code where missing
  • Match the zip code to its ZIP +4
  • Confirm validity of addresses


  • Gain insightful information about your customers based on their location.
  • Segment and refine your target market using geographic, demographic, and political parameters.
  • Pinpoint exact locations for instances where there are variances in address data.

Email Verification // Coming Soon!

  • Convert prospects to customers by ensuring you’re sending to a verified email address.
  • Reduce email bounce rates and avoid getting blocked or blacklisted.
  • Matched latitude and longitude coordinates indicates that the records may be duplicates.